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The sportsman's timetable that predicts fish and game movements every day of the year.
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Doug Hannon's MoonClock
The Original DataSport Fish & Game Forecaster
How and Why Fish and Game are affected by the moon
Frequently Asked Questions about Doug Hannon's Moon Clock and The Original DataSport Forecaster
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41st Edition 2014 Fish & Game Forecaster Now Avaliable!
~ Covers January 2014 through January 2015 ~

The 41st Anniversary Edition of the sportsman's timetable that predicts fish and game movements for every hour of the year.
Features of the Forecaster:
  1. 41 years of satisfied, successful and educated... anglers, hunters, birders and wildlife photographers
  2. Easy-to-understand graphics showing:
    1. Daily peak activity periods
    2. Individual peark strengths showing "Fair", "Good" and "Excellent"
  3. Dates of moon phases, apogee and perigee
  4. Log book allows for record keeping of over 100 days
  5. Seen on many TV news programs and websites
  6. Uses moon, sun and many other factors

Buy an Original DataSport Fish & Game Forecaster Now!

Combining the study of past wildlife patterns and the many predictable factors
of our environment, the Original Fish and Game Forecaster gives all sportsmen an opportunity
to use science to improve their ability to hunt, fish, birdwatch or photograph wildlife in any
environment. You can use the accompanying log book to keep track of time,
weather conditions and location.

33rd Edition 2014 Hannon's Moon Clock Now Avaliable!
~ Covers January 2014 through January 2015 ~

Developed by 'The Bass Professor" Doug Hannon - one of the worlds most knowledgeable wildlife experts.
Features of the Moon Clock:
  1. 33rd Year
  2. Developed by "The Bass Professor," Doug Hannon - one of the world's most knowledgeable wildlife experts
  3. Pocket size - 4" x 6" and easy to carry
  4. Based on moon data only
  5. Shows moon phases and day of highest activity
  6. Use for fishing, hunting, bird watching and wildlife photography

Buy an Original DataSport Fish & Game Forecaster Now!

Doug Hannon “The Bass Professor” dies at 66
Complications from recent neck surgery believed a factor claiming life of famed fishing tackle inventor, angling authority, author and longtime TV host

Bass Fishing Hall of Fame announces Doug Hannon as a 2014 Inductee Doug Hannon with two bass.

Hannon is known throughout the bass-fishing world as "The Bass Professor." Across a career of writing, studying, publishing and education, Hannon caught and released more than 800 bass over 10 pounds. He was also an inventor with nearly 20 patents, as well as a diver, underwater photographer and musician. Alongside authorship of hundreds of articles published in newspapers and outdoor magazines, he was also co-host of an internationally syndicated TV show for more than 15 years. Hannon patented the weedless propeller, which revolutionized the trolling-motor industry and allowed anglers to fish vast areas of previously inaccessible weedbeds. He also invented the award winning WaveSpin System for spinning reels, as well as the MicroWave line-control system – a new train of rod guides for spinning rods. Hannon died in March 2013 at the age of 66.

Hannon to Be Inducted Posthumously into BFHF During Classic Week

Doug Hannon with a nice catch.

Doug Hannon, the "Bass Professor", who died in March, 2013 at the age of 66, has been selected with 3 other people to be inducted into the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame. All four candidates are being recognized for their profound and lasting impacts upon the world of bass fishing.

The Bass Fishing Hall of Fame is a nonprofit organization dedicated to all anglers, manufacturers and members of the media who further the sport of bass fishing. It honors those whose contributions to this sport have elevated it to the professional level, and without whom none of this would have been possible.

Hannon, an educator, inventor, television host, award-winning author, photographer and conservationist was also noted for catching-and-releasing more than 800 bass over 10 pounds. He was considered by many as the world's greatest authority on bass fishing and was featured in Outdoor Life as one of the O.L. 25, people "whose lifetime achievement has had the greatest positive influence on hunting and fishing".

His many contributions to the world fishing include the weed-less trolling motor prop and Wave Spin reels however the most recent development is the new "MicroWave Line Control System" by American Tackle. Never before have rod components been so widely recognized worldwide for improving rod and angler performance.

The MicroWave Line Control System was awarded "Innovation of the Year" at EFTTEX 2013 and "Best Fishing Accessory" at ICAST 2013.

The American Tackle Company was truly honored for the opportunity to work with Doug Hannon on this project and applauds his nomination for the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame. And like so many others appreciates his contributions to the world of fishing.

Doug's posthumous induction will take place in Birmingham AL at the Bass fishing Hall of Fame induction dinner held the night before the 2014 Bassmaster Classic.

Doug Hannon with two bass.

Doug Hannon “The Bass Professor” dies at 66”
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Doug Hannon's Spinning Reel
Doug Hannon’s Wave-Spin Reel was named to Field and Streams ‘Best of the Best’. His new design allows the spinning reel to cast farther, eliminate the ‘loop’ that flaws every other spinning reel on the market. You can link to Doug’s page here.

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Use dark colored or camouflaged decoy cord on all your decoys. This will hide the cord against the dark mud of most marshes from high flying waterfowl that might see standard white cord. You can color your cord with felt tip pens if necessary, or dye a bunch of it with Rit or Tintex dyes. Nylon in about 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch diameter is best for this and will last many seasons.