The Original Datasport Fish & Game Forcaster

43nd Edition 2016 Fish & Game Forecaster! ~ Covers January 2016 through January 2017 ~ GET IT NOW!!!

2016 Fish & Game Forecaster

Sportsman’s timetable that predicts fish & game movement for every hour of the year. Features of the Forecaster:

  • 43 years of satisfied, successful and educated… anglers, hunters, birders & wildlife photographers
  • Easy-to-understand graphics showing:
      1. Daily peak activity periods
      2. Individual peak strengths showing “Fair”, “Good” & “Excellent”
      3. Dates of moon phases, apogee & perigee
  • Log book allows for record keeping of over 100 days
  • Seen on many TV news programs & websites
  • Uses moon, sun & many other factors



Combining the study of past wildlife patterns and the many predictable factors of our environment, the Original Fish and Game Forecaster gives all sportsmen an opportunity to use science to improve their ability to hunt, fish, birdwatch or photograph wildlife in any environment. You can use the accompanying log book to keep track of time, weather conditions and location.

35th Edition 2016 Hannon’s Moon Clock Now Available! ~ Covers January 2016 through January 2017 ~ GET IT NOW!!!

Developed by ‘The Bass Professor” Doug Hannon – one of the worlds most knowledgeable wildlife experts.
Features of the Moon Clock:
  • 35th Year
  • Developed by “The Bass Professor,” Doug Hannon – one of the world’s most knowledgeable wildlife experts
  • Pocket size – 4″ x 6″ and easy to carry
  • Based on moon data only
  • Shows moon phases and day of highest activity
  • Use for fishing, hunting, bird watching and wildlife photography
  • Make an outing more successful